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Other Publications

Published Essays:

The Rumpus, March 6, 2024 – “Writing about Grief is Making Sense of It: A Conversation with Kyoko Mori” interview with Darcy Jay Gagnon., March 5, 2024 – “I trained my cat to travel with me — and now he’s my perfect companion away from home.”

The Rumpus, August 2019 – “Training (with) My Cats.”

The Rumpus, May 2018 – “On Birds, Cats, and Children.”

The American Literary Review: Fall 2016 – “Pet Love.”

Waveform: Twenty-First-Century Essays by Women, anthology edited by Marcia Aldrich (University of Georgia Press, 2017) – “Cat Stories.”

The American Scholar: Winter 2017 (pages 70-81) – “Homebodies.”

Essay Daily: Advent Calendar – “Repetitions.”

The Harvard Review: 2015 – “Pet Grief.”

Conjunctions: 2013- “Cat and Bird.”

Washingtonian, April 2013 – “Alone in the Garden.”

Fourth Genre: Spring 2012 – “Through the Bamboo Blinds.”

Ploughshares: Fall 2010 –“The Pleasure of Letting Go.”

The Southern Indiana Review: Fall 2009 – “Cardigans.”

The Missouri Review: Winter 2008 – “Shawls.”

The American Scholar: Summer 2008 – “Pullovers.”

Conjunctions: 2008 – “Between the Forest and the Well: Notes on Death.”

The Chattahoochee Review: Winter 2008 – “The Language of Flowers.” Summer 2006 – “Destination: Japan.”

Columbia: 2006 – “Yakudoshi.”

The Harvard Review: 2005 – “Imagining a Memoir, Remembering a Novel.”

Anthologized Essays:

Writers and Their Notebooks (the University of South Carolina Press, 2010): “Forgetting to Remember: Why I keep a Journal.”

Dirt: the Quirks, Habits, and Passions of Keeping House (Seal Press, 2009): “The Beauty of Help.”

Naming the World and Other Exercises for the Creative Writer (Random House, 2007): “Nonfiction Time-Travel Exercise.”

The Best American Essays 2004 (Houghton Mifflin, 2004): “Yarn.”

The Book of Help (Cricket Books, 2002): “Doorways in the Air.”

Becoming American: personal essays by first-generation immigrant women (Hyperion, 1999): “Becoming Midwestern.”

Body (Bard, 1999): “What Anchors Us.”

33 Things Every Girl Should Know (Brown, 1998): “The Wider Your Tires, the Better.”

When I Was Your Age (Candlewick Press, 1996): “Learning to Swim.”

Published Short Stories:

Prairie Schooner: Winter 2001 – “The World of Weather.”

Prairie Schooner: Summer 1992 – “Home-Making.”

Cross-Currents: 1991 – “Grievances.”

The Kenyon Review: Fall 1991 – “Winter Sky.”

Footwork: 1990 – “Floating Circles.”

The Maryland Review: Fall 1988/Spring 1989 – “Yuki.”

The Mystic Muse: 1987 – “Points of Light.”

Sun Dog: Summer 1984 – “Pink Trumpets.”

AURA: Spring 1983 – “Wishbone.”

The Apalachee Quarterly: 1982– “The First Cicada.”

The Cream City Review: April 1979– “Green Glass.”

Anthologized Short Stories:

Open to Interpretation: Water’s Edge (Taylor & O’Neill, 2011): “The Other Woman.”

The Sincerest Form of Flattery: Contemporary Women Writers on Forerunners in Fiction (Lewis Clark Press, 2008): “Starlings.”

Face Relations: 11 Stories that See Beneath the Skin (Simon and Schuster, 2004): “Black and White.”

Forbidden Stitch: an Asian-American Women’s Anthology (Calyx Press, 1988): “Yellow Mittens and Early Violets.”